Arthra Polyclinic

Arthra Polyclinic
Web design, copywriting
2 weeks
Our task was to create a fresh and clean website with a modern approach for Arthra Polyclinic. The challenge lay in incorporating vibrant colors while maintaining a clean design, along with implementing simple hover animations as per the client's request.
In response to this challenge, we developed a website that embraced a fresh and modern aesthetic. Our design approach combined clean lines and a vibrant color palette to achieve the desired contemporary look. To enhance user interaction, we implemented subtle hover animations, adding an element of interactivity without compromising the simplicity of the design. The result was a visually appealing and user-friendly website that effectively represented Arthra Polyclinic's modern approach to healthcare.


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While our showcased web design project hasn't been implemented on the client's website yet, we're excited about the potential for future collaboration.