Roots Bar

Roots Bar Zagreb
Web design, copywriting
4 weeks
Bringing the vibrant 'Roots' cocktail and juice bar in Zagreb into the online spotlight was an exciting task. Our aim was to capture the bar's youthful energy and showcase its popular cocktails.
Our strategy revolved around a fresh, youthful design. We dove into animations and images that spoke to the younger crowd. Our design phase focused on visuals that mirrored the bar's lively atmosphere, giving the website a vibrant feel that resonated with young visitors. User engagement was key. Animated elements guided visitors through the site, highlighting the bar's signature cocktails and creating an interactive experience. We ensured the design felt modern and up-to-date, using imagery that celebrated the youthful spirit of 'Roots'. This made for an easy and captivating journey for visitors. Our approach combined youthful energy, captivating animations, and modern design to create a digital space that matched the bar's real-world charm. It invited young visitors to explore and enjoy.


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While our showcased web design project hasn't been implemented on the client's website yet, we're excited about the potential for future collaboration.