Wall Solutions

Wall Solutions
UX/UI design, copywriting
2 weeks
Designing the UI for Wall Solutions presented a unique challenge. The primary objective was to create an engaging and informative platform for their innovative wall printer. The challenge lay in conveying the machine's functionality and versatility effectively while adhering to the client's request for a dark mode and a modern aesthetic.
To tackle this challenge, we leveraged Figma to craft a visually striking UI that centered around the wall printer. The approach involved incorporating captivating imagery and animations to demonstrate the machine's operation, emphasizing its capabilities on various surfaces. Incorporating a dark mode theme not only aligned with the client's preference but also added a touch of sophistication to the design. This choice allowed us to make the product stand out, drawing the user's attention to its features and functionality. Through meticulous design decisions, we successfully showcased how the wall printer works and its compatibility with different surfaces. The result was an intuitive and visually appealing interface that not only met the client's outlined ideas but also exceeded their expectations, providing an exceptional user experience.


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While our showcased web design project hasn't been implemented on the client's website yet, we're excited about the potential for future collaboration.