EcipeciZec SLP
Web design, Webflow development, Google Ads
8 weeks
We undertook the web design project for EcipeciZec, a speech-language therapist. The challenge was to create a user-focused UI with a playful yet professional design, featuring a vibrant color palette, while also incorporating storytelling elements to engage parents of children seeking therapy.
Our strategy was grounded in in-depth market research. We immersed ourselves in the world of speech-language pathology, identifying audience pain points and aspirations. Armed with this insight, we embarked on a design journey that began with wireframes and prototypes, meticulously aligning the client's mission with modern design aesthetics. User-centricity drove our UX/UI approach. Seamlessly combining design and functionality, we leveraged Webflow development for a harmonious user experience. Copywriting took center stage, delivering a personalized, empathetic conversation that guided visitors. In parallel, our Google Ads campaigns extended this approach. Authentic copy that directly addressed pain points echoed the website's design language. This cohesive strategy bridged design, strategy, and user experience into a symphony of engagement.


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This website is no longer active. The company that owned and operated this website has been shut down.